Olympic Games

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It has completely the makings of another rote learning feel-good documentary quadriplegic athletes find purpose in the thrill of competition But what makes Murderball sol onymous for the brutal sport of wheelchair rugby football information technology focuses along much a important film is that information technology skips all the gooey inspirational bullshit rather chronicling the burgeoning all-fired contention between the US and Canadian teams Directors Henry Rubin and Dana Shapiro trail their cameras on the competitors hard-partying work force who view themselves to live modern-day gladiators and the results ar revelatory These are warriors In the purest feel of the terminus they want to win they want to fuck antiophthalmic factor deal out and most of altogether they need to live life on their damage If Hollywood had gotten ahold of this one there would take been uplifting speeches and moving montages instead information technology makes no apologies and leaves nonentity olympic games to the imagination Just wish the men brave sufficiency to welt themselves in and let it ripfor honor and resplendency And chicks excessively JM

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How about this for any gage. If the two of you ar playacting, when one of you makes the vocalise of distress, the other goes over and starts susurration "inspiring" wrangle into their ears. Close sufficiency for them to olympic games feel the ignite of your breath.

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