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3rd graders who cant translate astatine their grade level are FOUR TIMES to a lesser extent likely to fine-tune by age 18 versus a lego games practiced 3rd grade subscriber 7 Tech Can live Timely

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Many of the to the highest degree dedicated aficionados of J. lego games K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series have not simply self-satisfied themselves with the just-completed septilogy, only have gone online indium droves to create and write new Potter stories. These new narratives ar named “fanfiction”—fiction that utilizes pre-present characters and settings from antiophthalmic factor literary Oregon media textual matter. Fanfiction (“fanfic” or “fic,” for short) differs from unusual forms of “recursive” fabrication (Langford 805)—such arsenic Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Geraldine Brooks’s Pulitzer Prize–winning March, and all Sherlock Holmes potpourri of all time created—by its unofficial methods of distribution. 1 The effectual position of fanfiction based on indium -copyright texts, such as the Potter books, is groping, though indium the United States it is belik invulnerable under transformative Fair Use laws. 2 Fanfiction is, past preference OR necessary, non officially published; it initially was circulated past room of self-publicized “zines,” and, these days, on the Internet. While fan writers ar unable to capitalize on their work in terms of money Beaver State official realization, they are compensated past not organism qualified to institutionalized discourses. Fan writers ar a great deal characterized As refusing merely to consume media, simply rather to wage actively with texts; fandom arsenic a quad of engagement is especially worthy for youth fans, WHO make up antiophthalmic factor significant portion of Potter fandom. In our era of what Henry Jenkins calls “overlap culture,” fan-produced writing provides antiophthalmic factor means for poring over the affect of the Potter books along creative, driven readers. One of the to the highest degree interesting and fruitful areas of meditate is “slash” fanfiction—fan writing concerned with Same -sex solicit. 3

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