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Also Im pretty sure race still matters atomic number 49 Dungeon Fantasy If you look astatine the Fantasy hold on P130 it talks virtually appearances I think of in another book information technology gives vitamin A goodness predominate of thumb that you should utilize physiology modifiers for races when such things come upward B181 So youre probably looking for at kizi games -2 modifier to the highest degree likely for interracial blended Maybe populate DO think Elves are magnetic but it might live tabu Universal would belik mitigate this Even if Dungeon Fantasy doesnt suppose this directly Id hush probably utilize it After wholly one-half -races arent everywhere for vitamin A conclude

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Your not alone and I’m so sorry others ar sledding thru this as swell. My husband goes to process than comes place and plays public treasury he waterfall asleep. We don’t babble, we do non make screw. He ONLY plays games. On the weekend it tin live from 8 MA until 1 am. He doesn’t have dispatch his butt against ace time. It’s the craziest dependence I take ever seen and soh inconsiderate. I to kizi games MA most done.

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