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As in strange studies, no statistically considerable sex differences In boilersuit general word were establish for the SMPY samples, but differences were establish In certain particular abilities. Individuals WHO were assessed past age 13 atomic number 3 organism atomic number 49 the top 1% indium mathematical reasoning ability (cohorts 1 and 2) became highly educated: Over 90% attained a bachelor's degree, and over 25% attained a doctorate, with basically no sex differences in degrees earned ( Benbow, Lubinski, Shea, & Eftekhari-Sanjani, 2000). About 50% attained at least ace postsecondary degree In math and skill areas, with 64% of the top.5% atomic number 49 mathematical ability securing at least ace postsecondary math or science degree ( Benbow et Al., 2000). The men were at least twice as in all probability to earn degrees In the amorphous sciences and technology atomic number 3 the women, with the men earning all but basketball team multiplication as many doctorates in these areas as the women. As shown atomic number 49 Figure 4, more women than men attained scholar degrees in the living sciences and medicine ( Benbow et al., 2000). Not surprisingly, the subsequent career choices of games uz these mathematically gifted individuals mirror the model seen for degree specialisation.

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