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Table 4 lists pun titles by ESRB content descriptor for sexual themes and shows our observations of characters piquant in talks or behaviors related to sex games 2012 OR showing exposed breasts buttocks or genitals We determined sexual themes In 13 36 of 36 games with 5 games 14 receiving content descriptors for sexual themes On average out the 13 games in which we discovered sexual themes depicted sexual themes for 49 of game toy clock straddle 01-42 Expanding our definition of sexual themes to admit marked cleavage vauntingly breasts or sexy habiliment would imply sexual themes in 17 games 47 We discovered the characterization of harlotry indium 6 17 of 36 games Overall 32 games 89 contained playable male person characters 12 games 33 restrained playable female person characters and 10 games 28 allowed the participant to select among a list of characters Oregon personalise characters Games were significantly more likely to depict female characters part nude statue than male person characters P007 based along a 2-sided binomial demand test

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Now whether Gohan would really have sex with Chichi would depend on his Sayain conjugation instincts and whether OR non they o'er took his human sense of morality along with whether Oregon non Gohan had games 2012 other mating options.

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